Thursday, June 11, 2015

Miracles happen all the time

I will start by telling you that Me and my companion Hna Tituaña did NOT have a change which means that we will serve together in Mollendo for 6 months. That is a long time right? but, i´m so excited, we have many great plans and we will both celebrate our birthdays together and just many more things. The whole zone was together and the assitents called and said one sister that left and then said ya thats it. I didn´t believe it until they hung up. Needless to say, we almost cried we were so excited. I have never EVER heard of a companionship staying togethr for 6 months, that is just nuts. 

The work is continuing and i just love being part of this work.

Story numero uno:
So back in time when they took us out for la huelga when we went to arequipa, we contacted a guy on the bus named carlos. He travels for work and is in a place for 15 days then goes to the next one. We taught him 2 times while he was here and he came to church, then we didn´t think anything of it.  and then at the beginning of this week he called and told us he was back in town and wanted to meet with us. To make everything short, he told us of a bunch of experiences he had and that he went ot the church website and had watched basically all the videos and the joseph smith video. He said that he felt a peace in the message and wants to be a better disciple of jesus christ. We taught him of the restoration of the priesthood and baptism by the same authority and then he accepted the invitation to be baptized. He said but how will it be? What do i need to bring? it was so neat. He said a prayer and at the end had tears in his eyes and said, ´´that came from the heart´´. I thank my father in heaver for him always putting chosen people ready to act on the gospel in our path. He is blessing us more than I can even imagine. 

Historia numero dos: 
Walter I fee like i am bipolar when i talk about him because i just feel such a worry for him in a good way like I just care for how he continues growing in his testimony and knowlege.  He is doing great. He came with us on some visits with the youth and he taught really well. i can´t explain how happy i was to hear him testify and to share. He is doing all he can to get his kids to the church, but the mother is a jehovah´s witness and won´t let them... we will continue working on that

There is still a lot of work to be done here, and i just am so thankful for the chance to be here and to do it. The weather has made a drastic change and is now freezing so there´s that. I just barely unpacked all my winter clothes haha. 

When we found out about changes the husband of our pench came in and goes, prayers really do work don´t they. It was a sweet experience because they aren´t members but they have loved having missionaries in their home. They are catholic and assist every sunday, but little by little i know that they are figuring things out and the differences. 

luh you all and wish you the happiest of weeks. 


pics include hiking to the cross last p day
pics of some good friends

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