Monday, March 30, 2015


So last week as you know nobody came to church, and throughout the week we discovered why. One person that we have been teaching (Walter, I know brothers I know start joking now) came but didn’t want to enter solo haha so when we went to see him Monday he goes, can you come every day until my baptism so I am prepared. He has been super fun to teach and this week I began to see a change in him. Things he has said.
1.       The other day I was thinking of Joseph Smith and he motivates me to do good and to be brave
2.       I couldn´t sleep in the night and I was about to turn on the TV and then I thought no I should read more of the book of Mormon instead 
3.       We told him of General Conference and he got the impression that Pres. Monson was coming to peru and when he realized that it’s a live broadcast he goes ahh man I wanted to ask him a few questions. Bless his heart. The good news is that all his questions and doubts and worries definitely will be answered this Saturday and Sunday if he prays to find them. I have been bouncing off the walls declaring to all of peru of prophets and priesthood and GENERAL CONFERENCE. 
I hope that he continues to feel of the spirit. We asked him what he has liked about the book of Mormon, and he goes well I am in 3rd nephi right now and…I just bursted out laughing WHAT!! We have been teaching you for 2 weeks and you are in 3rd nephi?! I truly couldn´t even believe it. 

FUNNY OF THE WEEK: My pensionista had a stomach ache this week (women stuff) and anyway she asked the elders to go buy her pads it was so funny. When the elders were gone we were chattin and I told her that tampons are better and she just looked at me like I had murdered someone.  #3rdworldcountries #nomodernization 

Things are good here in Mollendo. The only really bad thing is that like this strange warm winter in Utah, Mollendo has never been so hot. Normally the heat would decline right now and it has gotten hotter without wind….so ya #sweatyskirt  wetgarments  I wouldn’t change anything though, I love serving in this work.  There is a member Juan Carlos who is probably the most active member helping the missionaries I have ever met. Anyway, he came on visits with us and he began to explain faith with HARRY POTTER. Yes. I was in heaven. For my fellow hp fans he explained having faith with being able to produce a patronus, you have to really feel and believe that you will produce one. I was just flabbergasted. I truly do miss Harry Potter,  but that made me so happy. Hmmm what else is happenin, there has been a huge riot here in the town and sometimes we had to stay close to our house cause people were protesting against the mine. It was cray and they sent 1000 policemen from lima because I guess 4 years ago, the people from this town lit busses and places on fire, and threw rocks in houses and stuff. Real hoodrat stuff.  
My comp just cried for a solid 40 minutes Tuesday because she felt like I did last Sunday, and I just had to help her to see all the blessing and good things that are happening in our area.

PHOTOS: we teach walter on the beach. he is the one who has the doorag. he is so chill. the member is juan carlos 

luh u from peru! have a happy conference and try not to take a nap! Pray that i will be able to watch in _ENGLISH. god bless the language of the restoration. srsly. 

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