Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Dormir (to sleep) + Domingo (Sunday

Hemos trabado como negritas este semana. We worked super hard this week and we had 7 investigators who were planning on coming to sacrament. and guess what ALL 7 CAME. sike. a big. fat. 0 for 7 came. it was a shot to the heart. To top it off the 3 less actives that were going to come didnt either. So ya after sacrament i just wanted to cry. It wasnt exactly that they didnt come but rather, what can i do. Is it me? am i not working hard enough? I fought back a few tears in gospel principles class and wasnt quite ´´in the class´´ Like the grinch i was ´´wallowing in self-pity´´ ( side note: havent lost my quotes) For a moment though i was able to catch a glimpse of what the savior might have thought for us when we dont obey or when we dont reach our potencial. It hurts thinkink of disapointment. worse than any physical pain i think. All i could think of in this moment is that i need more patience. They will come with patience. After church, i was waiting for my comp outside of the bathroom and CHRISTIAN walks by. He is the less active 18 year old who i may have mentioned before. We will rescue him this next week. He is a rockstar. He works super hard to help his family and was working from 8 pm until 6 sunday and he still came to church. He told me ´´sorry i was late, but i needed to come´´ He is someone we met our first week here and from that first time, i had felt like ya i need to help this kid. He is super shy, but i am just my crazy self, and he is talking and sharing a lot now. I has seen a change in him. He like REALLY listens to me. We gave him a white shirt last week and when he came to church he wasnt wearing it but said that he was getting it fitted and the tailer had it. Just made me so happy. So even though ALL the people that we have worked with didnt come, there was a purpose.


1. It was the birthdy of relief society and of course they had a fiesta here. Unfortunatly, everything isnt planned super well and there was  a huge gap in the program waiting for music and dancers so i just took the mic and livened the place up a little bit.I live for the spotlight #dorothy4eva It was super fun. My comp was just laughing at me, she didnt think i would actually do it. It felt super good to just be myself and still be missiionary. sometimes, we get caught up being missionary robots but i know that god called ME to be here, not some image of a serious missionary. 

2. MIRACLE of the WEEK
Wednesday night we were in the chapel, which usually we arent, but this woman walked in and said she wanted to know more of god. We showed her around and chatted with her for abit. She left her house with the only intention to come to this church. She is awesome and was such a cool experience. We chatted with her a bit and here are a few things i remember that she said. ´´When i walked through the door, i felt like someone hugged me´´ We asked her to pray after giving a lesson and she said, I have never ever prayed in my life. She said {´´Forgive me forall the days that i havent thanked thee´´ Just so sweet. Unfortunately, she doesnt live in our area...but we will keep an eye out for her. It was just a way amazing experience to see someones true desires.


I was playing the piano in sacrament and the poor peeps cant follow a tune at all. Half of the congregation was a solid 3 seconds behind the other half and i was just on the piano half laughing half thinking do i pause and wait for them to catch up. IT was super bad. #welcometoperu #perusgottalent

Anyways, i love you famil and friends. Wish you a good week. LOVE

hermana larsen

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