Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Last pday we went to this beach and ended up having to cross this tributary to get to the other little pueblo. So ya the whole zone was up to chest water crossing this river. My poor comp is so tiny that had to get a piggy back from an elder because 1. the current would have swept her away adn 2. she doesnt know how to swim. But it was pretty funny. 

The week started off with exchanges. Hna Klinger came to mollendo and it was just so fun. I felt like i was just running around peru with my best friend sharing the wonderful news of the restored gospel. Katerine prayed for the first time with us and the whole lesson was just super sincere. We just listened to her tell us her feelings for 2.5 hours and she figured out everything on her own, just needed people to listen. When she prayed she ended and just criend and me and klinger just hugged her and it was one of the sweetest lessons i have had in the mish so far. 

This week, school starts so all the people that came for summer are leaving, along with some of our investigators....but ya we are teaching a FAMILY! my first family and they are so so sweet. They are still in love which is so so rare here in peru. It is crazy to find a married couple that still love eachother. #utahbubble Anyway, his name is Hugo and hers is Adela. They have a desire to know if this church is true and he said the only thing i can do is have an open heart. He is bomb. He said that he prayed but jsut needs help recognizing how he will recieve an answer. 

This week we had a lot of members from other parts of mollendo ask us why we werent in their area because they dont feel like the missionaries there are working. It was just a demonstration to me that people are always watching the missionaries. Members know if we are working, but more importantly heavenly father wants us to always be working. It was a wake up call to me to know that ya i am a representative of Jesus Christ in every single moment and that my behavior needs to fit that model. Grateful for the wonderful calling of mine. I was able to teach a less active of missionary work. We have been working with him and think he would be an awesome missionary and we were talking of the priesthood. It was way cool to share with him the experiences of growing up in a family full of preisthood holders who are worthy and amazing men. It was a lesson very special for me. 

Everytime i study, everything just makes more sense. The plan that god has or us, the way he restored his gospel, and the importance of prophets and the priesthood. The church is just so true erryone. EVERYONE DESREVES A LITTLE TASTE!!!!

much luv,

Hna. Larsen

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