Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sweating like a sauna

Well the beach was supposed to cool down this month but it has been just the opposite. Hotter than ever. 

Friday evening and Saturday i dont know why i felt a little weird and while my comp was showering i just prayed with sincerityand then after i was just able feel better. I do know that god listens to us. 


1. Cristian the less active young adult: We met with him yesterday and talked of the plan of salvation. I shared with him the scripure in alma 34 that this life is the time for men to prepare to meet god. I asked him what he would like to do to prepare and he was looking at the scripture for a while and then looked up and goes i want to pass the sacrament again and i really do want to go on a mission. He then asked us what motivated us to be here. It was a really special experience. We also got him a white shirt to wear on sundyas because he has been coming for just about 2 months now. I know that the branch has been wanting missionaries and i do know that he will be a great one if he sticks to his plan to prepare. 

Something i learned.

Pray like everything depends on God and then work like everything depends on You. 

Basically, i feel really good about being here in Mollendo, i just want to find a way to help the branch be more dependant. 

We had a talent show and we said come at 6:30. Want to know what time it started we didnt get to see much. we just had to do our part and leave....but it was super fun none the less. 

Had a huge bowl of broccoli and just about died of happiness. Only bad thing, my bod isnt used to these vitamins haha

luh u
hna larsen

sorry that the email wasnt super good but next week will most likely be better 

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