Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Funny o tha week: We found out that we are going to have divisions this week and HNA KLINGER who was in my last ward is going to come here for a day. It will be weird to be in the area without my comp and i told her that and she goes´´vas a estar con tú Baby Girl´´ haha you are going to be with your baby girl. she said that cause one time i answered the phone call from hna. klingler and said that. i laughed sups hard.
I think this week i learned to just DO THINGS! Like all the prophets in the book of mormon, especially nephi. they dont ever question, complain or ask for what purpose, they just trust in god and DO what he asks. Nephi didnt say why do you need a ship? We are in the desert...he just said okay ya i will build it, just show me how. If we just truly love god, we will follow and do whatever the lord asks.  I love that we have a prophet. One thing i read in general oconference talks was that when we sustain the prophet, we commit to pray for him, and follow ALL of his counsel, not just the things that are convenient for us. LUV that. Church is true my loved ones. 

The coolest experience this past week would probably be the following. Let me paint a picture....
Katerine is less active and feels guilty to go back to the church because right now she enjoys certain things like drinking and smoking that she knows are against the commandments. She even feels guilty and not worthy to ask god for help and for his blessings. The other day we came to her house and her son was a little bored so i gave him a pamphlet on the plan of salvation. His mom loved the idea and was like READ IT, it will help you. We started teaching her son where he came from and why he was here on the earth, and then he asked us a question and his mom (katerine) began to teach and it was just so beautiful. I just was sitting there smiling and had tears in my eyes watching this mom teach her son. This truly is what the mission is all about. Sharing the gospel with families. In this moment i just felt like ya this is what i want to do when i am a mom, teach my kids of the plan god has for us. Shortly after, the mom went to the kitchen to feed her other daughter and we finished teaching the boy to pray. We said a prayer and the mom walked during it. She then looks at him after and goes ´´You beat me. I havent prayed in awhile´´ The spirit was super sincere and it was just a moment that i wont forget. 

que les vaya bien!
tenga buen día

hna larsen

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