Saturday, February 14, 2015


TRASFERS brought me a change--MOLLENDO! 

La Area
1. There have never been sisters here so we will open the area. Reason: It may be a little dangerous at night with all the drunks by the beach, so our curfew is 8:30 haha
2. We dont have a room....YET
3. The beach is FULL because it is super
4. Is there a word for more than scalding hot?
but i am super excited to start fresh in a new area full of new people new experiences and all.


1. They know how to throw a wicked party. It was really cute, so many ward members were there and all said some way nice things. One thing that really made me happy was someone said ´´everyone has said how happy and joyful you are. It is true. and I know that it comes from your testimony´´ When we know why we are here, and how we got here, we have EVERY reason to be happy. 

2. My less active that i helped rescue (hna. nilda) i was sitting with her in Sacrament. Bishop said thanks hermana larsen for your service and the people you have helped bring to the church. NIlda grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes and says, ´´thanks hermana, i am here now thanks to you , i will never forget about you´´ Sometimes it takes leaving to realize how much god was able to do for you in the area. I love this work. 

3. I am going to miss my family here a ton but there is a reason for change. It is an honor to be the first hermana here. I am here to set a good image i think. 

3. PASTOR BOY. The whole week was awesome. Wednesday he had his interview, passed. Then, we went friday in the night and he started with ´´Hermanas i need to talk to you´´. Sign right? He expressed that one of the churches he was in charge of kind of broke down and the pastor isnt doing a very good job and that before he gets baptized he wants to leave it all in order. We explained that becuase it isnt the correct and true church it will always fall. The lesson was powerful and I was way more bold and strong than I have ever been. I made promises that i didn{t know or had ever thought of. I shared a scripture in Alma about those who reject the spirit after it has testified of truth is sin. He was very attentive and we recommited him. He said okay, you will come pick me up then at 5:30. Then the day of his baptism, i just never felt super peaceful. When we went to pick him uop and his mom said he was preaching we went anyways to the baptism of our zone and me and my companion just went to the chapel and may have shed a few tears. Mostly i was trying to make jokes and we were laugh crying. I learned a ton of about AGENCY the past week. IT is the only thing that is ours. everything else, our bodies, our talents , our lives is from God. At first i was confused both with my teaching with tito and with God. Felt a little stupid for having faith in him. But i know that god has a plan for him, and maybe i was just here to plant a seed and help him to know what is true. He will learn to make the decision right in the future.  

When i told him i was leaving he was really sad and was embarassed to come to the chapel for fear of the members that he wasnt baptized. He gave me a ring. Dont know how to feel about it. haha MORAL OF THE STORY there is still hope in TITo

OFF TO A CRAZY WEEK! prayers always 

 "In this life we are all just walking up a mountain and we can sing as we climb or we can complain about our sore feet. Whichever we choose, we still gotta do the hike.


luh u all


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