Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Reasons Why Serving a Mission is the BOMB

1. Members around the world are amazingly strong. I don´t want to say it feels like they appreciate it more than people home, but for many people here it is literally the ONLY THING THEY HAVE. their faith in Christ.

2. When someone walks up to you and says, ´´I am going to die if you have a change this week´´ (Chances that I will leave are likely this next monday)

3. When you lay in your bed and are able to sleep within 5 min. because you are so tired from working hard.

4. When you can be your complete self even in a different culture or language

5. Experiences like this happen: Your pastor of an investigar asks you if you have the priesthood. We explain that we have a different gift. I pulled a Jake Larsen from the baby blessing ´´We have the power to create something inside of us´´ We all start laughing super hard and then the pastor points at me and goes. ´´Oh Hermana Larsen I am never going to be able to forget you´´.  This made everything that is hard about the mission feel like it isn´t that big of a deal.  

6. Everyday I am reminded to teach, love, and serve more like Jesus Christ. What better thing could i be doing right now.

This week i am reminded of everyone has their own agency to choose for themselves. We had a great lesson with the PASTOR and he told us that he wanted 15 more days. We went through everything that he has felt and he said I know that the book or mormon is true. I know that joseph smith was a prophet called of god. I then asked him why he knows these things and he said because when he reads he feels peace. I shared the scripture that the fruits of the spirit are peace love ...etc. and then i asked him, what more could you ask for? What more of an answer do you want? He thought and goes you have a good point. we told him we would wait for him Saturday in the font. It was strange the whole day preparing for something we didnt know but i truly felt that he knew the answer. just needed a little pressure. well....he didnt show up. haha My comp. didnt really want to go visit him in the night, but i truly felt we needed to talk to him. When we went he said, I know for sure now. I am now asking you if i can be baptized thisnext week. Can you do it this next saturday? He wants to feel completely free of his past religion and went to tell his congregation. the pastor chose the date 24 of January and I am so excited to see this day. More than the acutal baptism, i am so thankful to have been here and truly feel that i needed to be in my area for him.  about a month ago we were just walking down the street. I stopped and got out some thigs from my backpack and a man told me that it is dangerous to leave things on the sidewalk cause someone might pick it up. I said thanks so much, that is nice of you to care for some strangers. I began talking to him, he wanted to buy us some chicken, my comp was scared out of her mind, but i set a day where we could talk. Now look at where we are only a month later. He has a testimony of the restored gospel. WAHOOO!! Pray for The Pastor for this saturday!!

I love you all, thanks for the prayers. It is hard but when I think of everyone praying for me it ain´t so bad haha 

Things i have done to keep me happy

Taught the following phrases to my comp in English

1. Why is it so hard president
2. You have no chill

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