Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feliz Día de AMOR

Happy Valentines day my loved ones!!


One thing that I have really felt this week is HAPPILY submit to what the lord has in store for me. To trust that he knows what i will need more than i will. I know that the power of willing accepting and smiling through the heat, tiredness, and emotionally tiring times will shape me be the person that he NEEDS me to be.  

I think it is interesting the choice of words that Enos uses ´´wrestled with the Spirit´´ sometimes we feel the spirit tell us what we need to change but naturally we dont change it. I felt the spirit many times tell me what needs improving and I told myself that i want to work on willingly changing and leaving behind my old ways. I never want to be the person that I was yesterday. Everyday i want to work harder, longer, better. I am grateful to have my companion by my side help me and to be in an area that needs un monton de ayda!! haha It motivates me to push on. 

My theme when i started the mission was the one of NIKE ´´just do it´´ (shout out to big brodduh Z for starting me off with this the night of the setting apart) Now it is ´´just do it with a smile´´


There are enough dogs here to make an army and for the most part they are all so gross looking. Anyway, during the day my companion grabs me and goes OHHH NOOO ´´They are making more doggies´´ and i look over and ya just laughed. she is funny my comp. 

I know i probably shouldnt think it is funny but we were eating lunch and JAS means young single adults in spanish, and there is a member here who helps us a ton and thinks he is a part of this organization even though he is like 60 and goes I may not be JAS but I am AS. and with their accent they kept saying AS and just about wet myself because i was laughing so hard. 


A member went to buy us dinner and he is around 30 years old and asks what we wanted and i just said ´´soprendeme´´ Suprise me. and right then everyone just looks at me and i knew i messed up or said something wrong. I guess this term is kinda hmmmm sexual especially when someone asks you What do you want. 

Other than that, spanish is pretty fun. In this area i use very little english cause i am not around it and we share a cook with the zone leaders and the family usually eats with us and it was just way fun for me to sit back and realize. I am in peru, just chatting normally with these folks in their language and i can understand and tell them what i want. It isnt perfect by any means but im so grateful for where i am with spanish. Studying and prayer is paying off. 

Hope you all feel a ton of love and love from your savior and more importantly GIVE LOTS OF LOVE!!

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