Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feliz Día de Amor y Amistad


So this branch needs a lot of reactivating so we are working with lots here. The problem with the beach, is that everyone goes and parties on sundays so they forget to come to church. The members need a lot of support and us missionaries are kinda running a lot of it here. 

Fav moments this week
1. While talking in sacrament, i look back and see about 6 members from my old area and started to cry. I dont really know why but i seriously was so excited to see them. They told me unfortunately that they closed my area in Miraflores.......worried for the people i was visiting. but the Lord will help them.

2. We didnt have any plans one day and it was so hard to leave in the heat not having a secure house to go into. But we are here to work right? The lord provides a way for everything. We searched for a less active knocked the door and a woman invited us in. She wasnt the one we were looking for but the lesson was beautiful. She expressed to us that she hasnt been to churhc in a long time and feels embarassed and ashamed to come back because she is drinking and smoking. (The bad part of this lesson was that a member was with us that doesnt have much tact and just cuts her off and goes, your body is a temple why are you desecrating it) ....But anyays, i just looked at this just looked at her praying to heavenly father to help me show love and i truly felt her potential as a daughter of god and wanted to help her. She knows what is right but just needs the strength to do it. Everyone needs to be loved. 

3.  Lots of members here are passing through things that are hard and we have been trying to support them this week. I learned a ton of faith from a woman who has been assisting church solo with a huge stake calling and her whole family is mad at her for always helping the church. They told her to leave the church to be able to be with the family more. That would be so hard, but she was strong and said i can never leave the church, because we need it to be a strong family. She has the faith to move mountains.


Taught this lady whose husband died a long time ago about the plan of salvation and she goes, ´´Thank You for teaching me this plan. I really like it, and it gives me hope, but i dont know if i can change my religion,´´ I asked her if she felt the spirit tell her that she could be with her husband again if she would be baptized and she said yes. She has cancer and we werent able to go back this week cause hse is in the hospital in Arequipa, BUT we are praying for her. 

More than anything, I love people. For Valentines Day we sang kareoke with the family that is our cook. It was so funny because she is just like Gloria from Modern Family and just screams and yells and is full of passion. And so when she sang, super off tune, i was lolling hard. 

luh u all so much! 

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