Saturday, February 14, 2015

those beach bums thou

Becuase it is hotter than hades here and we havent stopped sweating since we arrived, the clothing here is very scarse. So many short skirts that show just about ...ya you get it. Hece the title of my email. beach BUMS.  The downside to the heat is that even though it is super hot, we drink hot hot tea, and soup. We eat it happily though cause we are super hungry haha

Overview of Mollendo:

Seriously like the town of Bloomington as far as everyone knows everyone and the gossip of their great gran dad. haha Pros of this: The whole town knows that there are SISTERS in mollendo and they are all freaking out! Our pencheñista told us that the Young Single Adults always wear pants and polos to church on sundays but this sunday they changed because the heard that there would be hermanas. haha I know that we can do a lot of good here.


He is the best. Seriously saved us. Bought us a fan and brought it to us Tuesday. He also told us of why we are here. He said I thought sisters should be in mollendo, and i prayed for what sisters could do it. I know that your names specifically came ot my head. You need to be exploded to all of Mollendo. You are not just going to work in your area but going to help everyone here. How cool is that. We have a way cool calling, we can enter in all zones. Basically the sister zone leaders. haha gosh my humor has gone downhill sometimes. I am actually laughing as i typed that. Now, we are just planning how we can attack the area effectively.

The area if you arent going straight up you are going straight down. so basically it is physically demanding. It´s normal to feel tired in the mission, but this heat is just draining me. I was having a really hard time yesterday paying attention well while we were fasting. I told my companion the other day that i was used to feeling tired, but here it is a whole different type. 

At the beginning of the week i was overwhelmed a little. Where in the world do i start here? We dont know any members. The elders before us didnt leave any information of who or where they were teaching. BUT i was reading the book of mormon and i just knew that the physical things and all dont mean anything if i just love god. I am here to serve and it doesnt matter what little things are inconvenient or anything. He is priority always. 

I luh u my fam and friends! 

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