Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Halloween

Que tal familia? 

Well I am writing again! Thanks for all the love. Halloween is definitely not the same here, but I made sure to save some candies from my package and made sure that I dressed up somehow! Overall, I would describe this week as exactly the desciprion of missionary work is. WORK. Through it all, I had fun!

Oh my yesterday, We were walking (naturally) and we passed a building where men wait outside for work and no joke the whole street was a long line. We pass on the opposite side and every. single. middle aged. man. began with the whistles and ohh mamma and hailo halo holas and i gave a wave and then a huge burst of OOHHHs and AHHHs i seriously was laughing so hard. it is ridiculous. I probably should stop egging some things on but it was just so funny. Yesterday, some guy came up to me and flashed the rock on sign and so I said YAA ROCK ON and then he proceeded to tell me the english words he knew which were basically all the four letter words...haha 

Sundays are probably the least restful days ever and every time we eat after lunch I just want to take a nice nap, but at these moments i need to work hard and forget what is in my mind. 

I read a scripture D and C 88:74 and said to ''sanctify yourselves'' and i was really thinking of what that means and how i can do that and then i was reading in 3 Ne. 19 28 and 29 and they were PURIFIED through their faith in Christ and that is what i need to do here in the mission. I know that I can be one in purpose as I remember that everything is the timing and the will of God. That is something that I was struggling with because a lot of our investigators aren't progressing and we need to move on and find others who are ready and that this is their time.  

It is weird a lot of missionaries just arent happy here in the mission and that makes me sad. Everyone struggles with happiness, but like Nefi he tried to live after the MANNER OF HAPPINESS and think of his life in the wilderness. crazy stuff. we got this you guys. life is happy. we are promised a state of rest if we are faithful. how good does that sound? rest? like cloud 9 for me. 

Love you all so much and wish you the words best week evaaa!

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