Wednesday, November 26, 2014

waiiit....wut? Three months?

STORIES4DAYZ with Juan y Ursula. Yes ursula like the bad octupus from the little mermaid. They are our new investigatos and i cant remember if i have talked about them but they basically ran up to us and Juan tried speaking english but i didnt know that...anyway, they wanted to be baptized because they didnt feel the way they did it in the catholic church was the proper way. GOLDEN. we can help you! but first....we are pushing for them to be married. anyway, everyone we present them to think they are drunk. hah. they are. well. unique. But they honestly are my favorite lessons and truly have the faith like a little child. Por ejemplo, I was testifying that they could know the truth of the book of mormon if they sincerely prayed and searched the book of mormon and i asked them to pray and Juan goes Herminita Larsen I know this book is true and joseph smith translated it and then Ursula like rubs his arm and goes Juan you have to read it first. Things like this just make me smile. Also, Urusula asked so how do i begin reading the book of mormon, can i just pray and say god show me what i need to learn. and then the member that came with us goes ABSOLUTELY. haha people´s faith here is just so admirable. Dont worry we left them with a specific chapter to read. 

Some guy saw us walking and goes HERMANITAS! and then just starts belting Joseph Smiths First Prayer en espaƱol. and it truly lifted my day. 

We cooked with a less active family that we have been working with since i came and WOW. I felt so so so sick. you know when you eat so much that if you take another bite, the only place it would fit is your mouth cause there is no more room. ya. I really didnt need to eat for the next day, i was full so long. BUT , I thanked them anyway. We made a famous plate here that hopefully when i get back i can remember how to do it and will make it with whoever wants to learn. it is Roco Rellano and it is oooooo so divine. I could have done without the potatoes. 

SAD OF THE WEEK. all during my showers i just pray to make it through cause it is so cold. brrrr. This week there was an earthquake in peru which i guess they have them like every 30 days but i havent felt any of them. It is because we are right next to the volcano Misty. 

Lenin, the member from last week that was not doing so hot called and wanted to come with us to visit people and he is himself again! Prayer works erryone. PUEDO ESCUCHAR UN AMEN!! 
So many of the less actives here left the church cause of other people in the ward, and it is very sad but slowly and surely we will help them recognize why they go to church in the first place. 

dont have much to say. oh ya we had divisions with the sister leaders and i was aasked probably about 100 times if i TRULY was okay or if there was anything i needed to talk about but i will tell her and you all I AM TRULY SO GOOD! I APPRECIATE THE CONCERN!

love you more than the dirt that is permanently stuck in my ankles. 

hna. larsen

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