Monday, April 13, 2015

The Civil War Continues

About 5:30 last monday we got a call from the penchonista hurry come back the police are shutting down the road...etc. We went back to the area a little early and began to make our visits. We then got a call from the District Leaders to go back to the room for the night for these Huelgas. Unfortunately, all day tuesday as well were assigned to the room. There were all the people from the valley in the hills making troubble. We went up to the top of the roof and watched the police run these people out. Then the next morning we got a call, you have 30 minutes to pack your things for a week, we are taking everyone out of Mollendo for the Huelga. So this helper of President came in his mini van and we all left mollendo. Things didnt seem to hit me until a few days ago. Basiclaly i feel like a scripture in Alma....

 56 And it came to pass that the curse was not taken off of Korihor; but he was cast out, and went about from house to house begging for his food. 
Although, we arent begging for food, we have been all over arequipa for this week, and we have no idea when or if we will be able to go back. It is sad because we have a baptism planned for this saturday, but we dont know if it will be possible now. I was outwardly showing faith and cheerfulness and that everything would be okay but sometimes i was thinking WHY NOW! Right when we are seeing our area progress and pick up. I then just had to pray that the lord could continue to work in the area even though we couldnt help him. I do know that everything will be okay, and i truly think that we will be able to go back this week. All i can do is trust the lord on this one. 
Had the chance to participate with 2 zones in a musical program and we sang songs of christ. I dont know if it was the spirit of the fact that i hadnt heard someone sing decently for about 8 months but it was truly beautiful. As i was thinking of this situation we have i was just reaffirmed in my belief that Jesus truly came to earth to save all of us and that in his own power raised himself from the dead. He is and can be apart of our lives every single day. 
Have a wonderful week my loved ones.  campaign #prayformollendo
besos y ambrazos
hermana larsen

this computer is a little ghetto so sorry for no week. I do have a bunch. 
Olympus 5th is representing the mission peru arequipa well. We were almost ALL TOGETHEr for the first time (missing hermana Mahas) all is well here!

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