Monday, April 20, 2015

back to workkk

BACK TO MOLLENDO and it feels oh so good. It was so weird to be in somebody elses area for more than a week, we were really missing our area. We were able to sleep in the mission home for 2 nights and it was like the best break ever. In the morning we made our own breakfast. I chose to make french toast. and the latinos stuck to their rice haha I learned a lot the last week of faith in the lord and the plan he has for every one of his kids.

So we got back and have just been trying to work hard in the zone again. Walter has his baptismal interview scheduled this week, we will see what happens. He is applying the book of mormon in his life, and says he falls asleep to the hymns. haha what a good guy. 
Bad news is that cristian the kid that wants to go on the mission, told his mom, and his mom kind of made him not so excited about it. Her husband is an alcoholic and crisitan is always protecting her and so he doesnt want to leave her solo. 

Sunday was a very neat experience for me. The teacher of relief society leans over to me and goes, hermanita the woman who was supposed to teach relief society didnt come can you please give the lesson. I read the title and it was on the power of the scriptures. I did something very different than what they ususally do. I wanted everyone to really leave church and be spiritually edified. The only way to get that is for people to listen and share. I invited everyone to read their favorite scripture and WHY. What story does it have for you. Sure enough one by one everyone was sharing their testimonies and people were in tears and it truly was what sunday is all about. PĂ«ople spiritually uplifted to attack another week. I know the scriptures have power and i have loved studying harder than ever these past 8 months. 

cant wait to just work even harder here this next change. It is gonna be awesome! 

Thanks for all your prayers and loves. 

hermana larsen

DyC 100: 12 Therefore, continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end.

mucho amor!! 

pics pics pics!!!

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