Sunday, August 24, 2014

first week in Lima

Hola!!!! Como estas?
That is still all i know of spanish but it is still good! This week has been so long i cant believe it. First i am going to say a few things that are bummers. I can´´t ever send pictures in the CCM. I can´t take pictures here unless it is outside and i can´t take them unless it is p day. i´ve had all week to think about this and still am bummed but i can see the reasoning i guess.
So p day is so nice. we went to the temple today and it was all in spanish so it was pretty hard to do everything and understand but it felt so nice to sit in a comfy chair haha
basically i have numb bum 24/7.
THE FUNNIES (peru edition)
1. Last night we had a devotional and the mission president´s wife got up and at the pulpit with every single missionary in the CCM there goes ´´I need to know if any of yous have had diarreahss in the past 2 days okay? whose had it and how many days? I was laughing mostly cuz peeps raised their hands haha.
2. One of our teachers knows a little english but he said one time ´´Espanol es a piece of brownie yes?´ (piece of cake if you didn{t get it)
3. THE LATINAS I don´t understand them cause my spanish is really however i joke and dance with them all the time. we had a dance party in the hall and found out later that there are cameras and all the teachers and president of theCCM saw more. They are some of my best friends here. It is sad cause i won´t get a picture with them because they don´t have the same pday as me....
eggs every. single. morning.
rice and pork
rice and chicken
rice and potatoes and pork
rice and potatoes and chicken
oh and rolls everyday
everyone has found hairs in just about everything but the food is so so good. I just gobble it down.
I am totally going to get a rice belly. but. when in peru!
GRANADIAS look them up! it is a way funky fruit that looks like alien poop or fish eggs or something but so good.
my bowels are being champs. I haven{t had any problem with diarrhea or constipation so thanks for the prayers, keep praying
25 elders last week had suckers
a few days ago someone in my group was throwing up and diarrhea at the same time and 2 elders had to go into the bathroom stalls and give him a blessing putting their hands over the stalls. crazy. feel bad for him.
I had to go to Migrations and Interpol which is the police station. Each took 6 hours and i was the only sister but I placed a book of mormon. the guy i started talking to spoke english. luckily. basically i asked what he did for work and he was going off on how he wants to be better at not just caring about material things and getting more knowledge so i asked if he has heard of our church and told him about the bom and then gave him it and a passalong card! I was next in line but he told the elders behind me that it was a perfect way to start his birthday and that he was waiting for a change so he would read. so cool!
she is awesome. she is from alaska and kinda reminds me of Thornbrue from skyline haha we get along really well
MY DISTRICT IS SO FUN/inspiring/cool
Almost everyone in my district has taken lots of spanish in hish scool. 2 are fluent and my comp is pretty good. I´m not good but hey it has only been a week.
I play futbal which is fun or volleyball with the latino´s. there is a guy who doesn´t look latino but looks black and everyone calls him either OBAMA  cause he looks exactly like him. peeps makes jokes when he hits it like ¨´I think it is time for a change hehe
i thought everything here would be way more spiritual but SUNDAY was the best spiritual day. I don{t know if it was because i was learning the doctorine in english for the first time or what but it is aweosme
We can only pray in spanish which is cool, but sometimes i cant express all that i want to ask for or am thankful for but it is all good. i can testify and pray in spanish and everything else is kinda bad haha i´m a lot better at reading body language from the latinas though.
Sisters get lots of attention cause there is like 80 elders and 15 sisters. someone told me they heard peeps talking about me in the bathroom....i asked if there is anything i should stop doing and he said to stop smiling (joking) but for reals it is kinda a joke how scared they get to talk to me. 
how is everyone?  I miss you.
its a little cold but not bad at all.

luh u all.

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